2020 Was Entanglement

Sydenham Club is pleased to present a virtual preview of ‘2020 Was Entanglement,  a solo show by Berlin-based artist Royal Bowie, now opening January,  2021.

Royal Bowie

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

Canadian and Italian citizen. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Royal Bowie earned a both a BA in Culture and Entertainment + Film Studies from Ryerson University in Toronto and a music production certificate from Berklee College of Music in LA.

Royal is also a multi-instrumentalist producing music and sound design in film and television.

Non-commercial music can be found on any music platform found here.

“2020 Was Entanglement” features several works that reflect on what was a truly remarkable year with distinctive global events that have affected a generation. Please click on the art below for more information and for the corresponding audio works. A virtual gallery experience has also been setup here
Each of the works has with it a corresponding audio composition that can be experienced either independently or in conjunction with the art pieces. Two of the works, ‘Senzeni Na?’ and ‘Nightclubbing 2020’ were collaborations with South African actress Roxanne Prentice and music producer Ermac respectively. Headphones highly recommended for best experience.
The selections for this virtual preview include the four works “Will You Shut Up Man”, “Senzeni Na?”, “Nightclubbing 2020” and “You’re Muted”. All are available to purchase and will be shipped after the gallery show January 30, 2021. If you are able to support please consider purchasing prints. They are found on each artwork page. Royal Bowie’s only source of income is through art and music and your support through this volatile period really makes a huge difference.