Will You Shut Up Man

2020 saw another significant presidential election...

Will You Shut Up Man | 50x70cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Enquire for pricing | Prints available here

The first presidential debate featured an exchange that was memorable for many of us and symbolically represented the tarnished discourse we collectively have engaged in recent years.

Some refusing to listen, some with an inability to articulate thoughts, some bullying, some bigotry, some giving up, some resorting to name-calling, some frustration. When at the end of your rope sometimes all you can do is say “will you shut up man”.

It is neither a question nor a statement but a phrase that is illuminating of the end of natural discourse and resorting to a meta phrase of defiance.

The phrase didn’t represent that discourse but four years of frustration and bewilderment. Perhaps a recognition that to win this time, one needed to play at their own game and not by the rules as done previously.


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Accompanying “Will You Shut Up Man” is an audio piece of the same name. We hear the noise, the lack of clarity, the marriage of comedy to irritation as competing horns and clamor play culminating finally to the sarcastic quip “That was really a productive segment, wasn’t it?”