2020 saw an increase in police clubbing and a decrease in nightclubbing as they were shut down due to the pandemic.

NIGHTCLUBBING 2020 | 50x70cm | Acrylic on Canvas | Enquire for pricing | Prints available here

Accompanying ‘NIGHTCLUBBING 2020’ is this audio work of the same name.

It starts off with a dialogue on police radio of an officer seeking assistance due to being blocked on the road by protestors. He is instructed to “run them over”.

We then hear some aggressive techno from Ermac. 

Above this fantastic track we hear police radios, protests, riots, police brutality scenes, Boris Johnson announcing the nightclub lockdown and would be dancers declaring they feel like dancing.


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Police brutality seemed to increase even as the very topic of police brutality was under the microscope.

This caused a large divide in public opinion.

Some, from around the world declared that the police needed to be defunded based on what was happening in the US. While others demanded police be trained differently, something that requires funding.

In the US and abroad, many would declare that the police were all racist and that “all cops are bastards”. Others would reference that 50-65 percent of the police forces in the major cities (NY, LA, Chicago etc.) were made up of minorities and also correlated with the percentage of minorities of those cities.

Whether statisticly driven, raw video footage driven or from personal experience, it was clear that now in 2020 people had had enough. Hundreds of thousands around the world took to the streets in solidarity to protest this needless violence.

This was during the middle of the pandemic clearly showing that this issue was just as present and urgent as the virus to so many. This naturally also was controversial considering the clear risks of spreading COVID-19. 

This painting does not take sides. This painting shows a police officer backed by a firey haze, taking up most of the canvas. He is faceless and nameless. We don’t know what is happening here. He could be very much needed or he could be the very problem. Often, we don’t know enough details to come to our conclusions.
In the background a police car looms in the night. Above it, what could otherwise be a colourful and fun scene is simply the night lights deceptively floating like balloons.

Concurrently, the world had to shut down nightclubs, bars, restaurants, gyms and many other forms of refuge that  people seeked out to deal with the difficulties of life. For millions of people, the nightclub is not a trivial place to pass the time but a much needed meeting place with almost pious affects. Nightclubs are often the very reason to see those they care about to deal with these stresses of life.

There are no signs of nightclubs in this painting as they were shut down and the most memorable type of nightclubbing, sadly is seen on the canvas.