You’re Muted

2020 was a year when those who felt voiceless had their voice amplified with the world watching. 

You’re Muted | 42x60cm | Watercolours, Oil Pastels, Gold LeafEnquire for pricing | Prints available here

But, it was a divided world and there were also bad actors whose motive was to silence those who spoke out about their injustices. 

Due to COVID-19 and its’ subsequent pandemic the world had to communicate in new ways as physical distancing was mandated globally.

Meetings, birthdays, quizzes, weddings, funerals and many other events both profound and trivial had to take place over video conferencing. This technology was new to many and perhaps, generally speaking illuminated the generational gaps figuratively seen when many people were not heard due to the very preventable fact that they did not click the unmute button. 

What is the metaphor here? Is it that they simply don’t care to learn about this new form of communicating and then suffer the consequences of their ignorance whilst showing their frustration at the platform and others instead of their own inability or reluctance to learn? If so, does this represent their generations of ignorance, apathy or neglect to learn and change what is obvious to the generations after?

This is clearly overly simple and ageist but this simple failure to be heard can reflect some of the more pregnant issues we face today in a “the medium is the message” kind of way. 

This watercolour and oil painting of a woman crying her eyes out, with her mascara running down her cheeks and hair completely a mess centres the frame with the words “You’re Muted” just below her in shiny gold. She is surrounded by perhaps the sky, perhaps the clouds or perhaps just blue. We don’t know the context but the possibilities are endless.

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